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Tucker: Biden Declares Covid Pandemic over While Teachers Are Fired or Students Can’t Go to School Because They Won’t Get the Vaccine

‘Never let him do a walk and talk on camera’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "So, apparently not aware that the world has new scientific data that maybe we should consider before imposing it on the public, New York City just fired more than 800 teachers and teachers' aides because — can you guess? — they refused to get the 'rona shot. And it remains true, as of tonight, that tens of thousands of students in this country still can’t get an education unless they've taken the shot or the booster. You may not have known that. Joe Biden should know, he is the president. But last night he went to '60 Minutes' and immediately asked, 'How long is this show?' And then he declared the pandemic is over."

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