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Tucker Calls out Gavin Newsom: If You Want To Live Like a Human Being You’ve Got To Be a Politician

‘You’re the governor, but you never saw the guest list’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: “Oh, yeah. When I sought I should have just walked out, got in the car and driven home. Okay, Gavin. With no idea there would be a dozen people at your own party. You’re the governor, but you never saw the guest list. You were totally shocked. That’s ridiculous. It’s too stupid to be an explanation and we are stupider for pretending to believe it. Why not just tell the truth, which is I don’t really totally believe everything I say, at least not enough to let it interfere with dinner. That’s the truth. You know what, he knows it. But he’s forcing us to play along with an absurd lie. On the other hand, at least Gavin Newsom didn’t follow the lead Nancy Pelosi and blame the restaurant. He didn’t accuse the maitre D’ of setting him up as part of a conspiracy among the famously right-wing restaurant community in napa. If the French laundry probably won’t suffer the same fate as Pelosi fostered as hairstylist, at least as long as they stay quiet about it. And to credit, Gavin Newsom didn’t follow the example of Dianne Feinstein. She has refused to answer any questions as she parades around the halls of the United States Senate and private airport terminals massless and exposed. Breathing on people, infecting them.“

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