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Tucker Carlson: California’s Destruction Paid for By the Rich

‘They have to pretend they have earned it all fair and square, but deep down they know it’s a crock’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "Scratch the surface and you will find that the destruction of California has been paid for by the very rich. The guilt-wracked heirs of inherited fortunes have long been a major force in left-wing politics of course, and the more they despise themselves, the more left-wing they tended to be. What’s new is the burgeoning coastal billionaire class. Now, people who amass fortunes incrementally over time through hard work and innovation typically have conservative political instincts. But people who have made huge piles of quick cash and finance or technology usually do not. People like that understand they have hit the lottery. They can't say that out loud, of course. They have to pretend they earned it all fair and square, really. But deep down they know it’s a crock.” 

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