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Tucker Carlson: Did Joe Biden Subvert American Foreign Policy To Enrich His Family?

‘In 2015 Joe Biden was the sitting president of the United States’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: “There’s an awful lot of noise in the news right now, as you would expect — there is an election coming three weeks away. Everyone wants to get a blow in before it’s too late, but not everything you hear is untrue and not every story is complex. At the heart of the growing Biden Ukraine scandal, for example, is a very straightforward question: Did Joe Biden subvert foreign policy in order to enrich his own family? In 2015, Joe Biden was the sitting vice president of the United States, included in his portfolio were U.S. Relations with the nation of Ukraine. So at that Vice President Joe Biden had more influence over the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian economy than any other person on the globe outside of Eastern Europe. Biden’s younger son Hunter knew that, he hoped to get rich from his father’s influence. E-mails published yesterday by ‘The New York Post,’ documents apparently taken directly from Hunter Biden’s own laptop, it tells some of that story. Tonight we would like to bring you some more detail. We have another batch of e-mails, some exclusive to this show. We believe they also came from Hunter Biden’s laptop. We can’t prove that they did, we haven’t examined that computer, but every detail that we could check, including Hunter Biden’s personal e-mail address at the time, suggests they are authentic. As we told you last night, if these e-mails are fake, this is the most complex and sophisticated hoax in history. It almost seems beyond human capacity. The Biden campaign clearly believes these emails are real, they haven’t said otherwise. We sent the body of them to Hunter Biden’s attorney and never heard back.”

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