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Tucker: Dems Also Used To Not Trust Voting Machines in 2016

‘You’d better have evidence if you make those charges’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: “On the other hand, those are very serious charges. You’d better have evidence if you make those charges. Of course, we will not endorse the story until we see it ourselves. We have not yet received it. If it exists, we will see it soon. If there’s a timeline on this. Pennsylvania, the deadline to certify the election result is November 23rd, 1 week from today. Legitimate claims of fraud will be proven by then or they won’t be. Right now, what’s interesting is the total unwillingness of and you want empowered to entertain the idea that there might be something wrong with any of the election software that was used two weeks ago. What’s weird about that that worries about election software isn’t a conspira bipartisan. It’s long-standing and widely aired a period of four years ago, CNN told us that scientists were convinced there may have been hacking up the software and the 26 election.”

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