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Tucker Features Footage Showing a Jan. 6th Defendant Leaving the Capitol After One Minute But Still Facing Imprisonment

‘It’s all on tape’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "One of the things we learned, maybe the main thing we learned when we finally got access to thousands of hours of surveillance footage that the January 6th Committee had been hiding is that some people the media told you were terrorists, they were terrorists, needed to go to prison, and who did go to prison, actually never committed terrorism of any kind. Just the opposite. They just kind of wandered through the Capitol Building. That's true of Jacob Chansley, the so-called QAnon shaman who people in the media told you should be killed. But he’s hardly the only one. This is video of a man called Daniel Goodwyn walking through the Capitol through an open door on January 6, 2021 at exactly 3:32 P.M. That is long after the doors were breached. Now, we got this video, the one you’re watching now, from the Speaker of the House’s office earlier this month. Mr. Goodwyn's attorney tells us that the legal team was also provided this video. In it you can clearly see that Goodwyn was inside for less than a minute. When he was asked to leave, he left. So, there’s no dispute about any of that. It’s all on tape. But the DoJ is still trying to send Daniel Goodwyn to prison. In the meantime, they have completely wrecked his life. “

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