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Tucker: Feds Paid the SPLC for Bias and Hate Crimes Training

‘They revealed that the department of the homeland security paid the southern poverty law center $4,500 a decade ago for the educational support as the training course on the ‘Bias and hate crimes’
By Grabien Staff

CARLSON: "We have an update in our ongoing investigation to collaboration between your government and the Southern Poverty Law Center. This is an adjunct of the Democratic Party that exists to tar the Democratic Party's enemies as the 'hate groups' and destroy them. They are able to do that in part thanks to taxpayers' money. They revealed that the Department of the Homeland security paid the Southern Poverty Law Center $4,500 a decade ago for the 'educational support' as the training course on the 'Bias and hate crimes.' The DHS spokesman said no longer use the SPLC for training purposes and we are glad to hear that. The FBI denied a partnership with the SPLC. We don’t know what that means but they called the SPLC 'credible' and allowed brief FBI agents who are armed and can arrest you. We repeatedly asked them to tell us the truth and clarify the relationship with the SPLC. They act like there is nothing to explain in the first place which is dishonest and infuriating. The spokeswomn told us 'we welcome any information from any organization or individual regarding any potential crimes or threats.' In other words, they won’t clarify whether they work with the SPLC still. We know they have. Do they still, they won’t answer. We will keep after them until they do."

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