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Tucker Grills Lindsey Graham: You’re Calling for a Whole New War in Syria

‘We haven’t been involved in the Syria for eight years’
By Grabien Staff


GRAHAM: "Regime change comes when we train up Syrians, isolate as a direct threat to the homeland, Assad is not. I’m not suggesting he is a threat to America, I do think ISIS would if they could. We could take Raqqa sooner, more Arabs would join the fight if we had more American troops. I think we’re going to see a ramp up of American troops and not as frontline fighters and trainers and a special forces to take ISIS down quicker."
CARLSON: "A whole new war is what you’re calling for."
GRAHAM: "An end for an old war, the war is going on for eight years."
CARLSON: "We haven’t been involved in the Syria for eight years."
GRAHAM: "Know it’s been a disaster for us, look what happened in Europe, look what came from Raqqa in terms of Europe. Radical Islam has flourished under the caliphate, radical Islamists are appearing everywhere. You had it in Switzerland, and Sweden. What I want to do is destroy the caliphate in the way disk you destroy the caliphate is you take raqqa."

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