Tucker Grills Mo. State Rep. Wearing a ‘I’m Rooting for Everybody Black’ Hoody
‘I have never said the pledge of allegiance’


CARLSON: "You have a sweatshirt on that says I’m rooting for everybody black. What if I had a sweatshirt that says I’m routing for everybody white." 
FRANKS: "I wouldn’t be upset about it because your shirt wouldn’t say you are rooting against everybody black."
CARLSON: "You raised a fist in I guess defiance? Tell us what this symbolic act meant. What did you mean by it during the pledge of allegiance?"
FRANKS: "So I have never said the pledge of allegiance. And even in the house last year when I was in session, most of the time I wasn’t in the chambers because I know that there are a lot of people that, you know have a lot of respect and feel proudly about the flag and the pledge of allegiance. I know how I feel. And so my raising my fist was basically power to the people, to all people. All power to the people vested into the people. When I say a pledge allegiance to the people. That’s who I’m chosen to represent. That’s who I’m elected to represent. Even before I was elected, that’s who I stand for."
CARLSON: "I mean, good for you. I think you were elected by the people and you ought to represent them. When you have say you know how you feel about the flag and pledge of allegiance. How do you feel?"
FRANKS: "So when I think about the pledge of allegiance, the thing that sticks out most is when I hear for liberty and justice for all, when I think liberty and justice for all, we obviously haven’t seen that across the United States over time or over my 33 years of living. We see that there are — when it comes to justice, that looks a little different, depending on sometimes where you’re from. Depending on sometimes what your socioeconomic status is. And what you look like."