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Tucker Grills Refugee Advocate: Why Aren’t They Resettled Where Wealthy Liberals Live?

‘Do you want them settled where you live in your neighborhood?’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "Let me ask you about that. So we have resettled immigrants all over the country, but disproportionately to poor communities for a bunch of different reasons. I'm sure you're familiar with them. I know Buffalo is one of them. There’s a piece today in 'The New York Post,' really interesting. Last decade, 10,000 refugees go to Buffalo. A lot of them wind up at Lafayette High School. 45 languages spoken there, 70 percent of the students are just learning English. This is one of the worst schools in the state of New York. 14 percent of people graduate on time. This is a massive burden for the school. It doesn't help the people who are already there. The obvious question is, why are we not resettling them in places where people support refugee resettlement like Chevy Chase, Maryland or Beverly Hills, California? Because people don’t want to bear the cost of the policies they support."

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