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Tucker Mocks Jim Acosta Wall Report: You’re Making It Seem That the Wall Keeps Tranquility

‘Wait, that couldn’t have been CNN’s point, could it? Now it’s getting confusing’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: “You see that? Take that, you nativist bigot freaks, you creepy wall obsessives. Jim Acosta just spanked you. He was there. He was in the field, on the scene, doing the kind of hard boiled shoe leather reporting that has made Jim Acosta a household name. He went right to the wall itself. The very wall he finds immoral and has often argued against at press conferences. And what Jim Acosta found there will shock you, not a single illegal alien was anywhere near that wall. There was no tent city. There were no predatory gang members or coyotes, ms-13, not there. There was no sad suffering caravan. Everything was just fine. Jim Acosta so memorably put it the area around that steel barrier was pretty see, that's what you get when you build walls, America, tranquility. That's the last thing we need more of in this country more peaceful scenes like that. Wait, that couldn't have been CNN's point, could it? Now it's getting confusing. We will have to call Jim Acosta once he gets back from latest mission and clear this up. In the meantime we want to give you some idea how stupid and buffoonish the wall coverage has been in case you missed it. Why contrast there was one fascinating story about immigration this week. It didn't mention borders or walls. It's from an upcoming edition of "60 minutes" on CBS. A researcher describes what is about to happen to this country's labor market thanks to the growth of artificial intelligence. Watch this.”

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