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Tucker: NPR Talking About ‘Decolonization of Fitness’ Is Why It’s in a Steep Decline

‘You can’t let the doctor weigh you because scales are relics of colonialism and white supremacy’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "(Laughs) So there was an anti-diet dietitian. Then, when we kept listening, we were introduced to a fitness expert who hates fitness. Listen."

[clip starts]
PARKER: "I was, and still am, in a lot of ways triggered by hearing the word 'fitness,' because even before you kind of get engrossed in fitness culture, you are inundated into diet culture and some of the toxic messages."
RAO: "There’s a growing movement to make fitness culture a more inclusive one. Ilya Parker is a leading voice in that effort. In fact, it was Ilya's voice you heard talking about how fitness is a trigger word. Ilya is a physical therapist assistant, certified medical exercise specialist, and the owner of Decolonizing Fitness."
[clip ends]

CARLSON: "So here we have a fat fitness instructor. And that’s okay. I’m trying to figure out why is NPR collapsing exactly? It's kind of baffling. We kept listening and then we learned, according to NPR, if you’re going to decolonize fitness, that means you can’t let the doctor weigh you because scales are relics of colonialism and white supremacy."

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