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Tucker: Single Motherhood Is a ‘Tragedy’ Especially for Boys and We Should ‘Stop Lying About’ It

‘Presence of biological father in the house makes a difference’
By Grabien Staff

CARLSON: "Studies show married fathers are by far most involved the children’s lives. You often hear leaders refer to caring parents or grand parents or care-givers or a similar combination as if the presence of my involved adult is enough for kids. That is not true. For boys presence of biological father in the house makes a difference. On one occasion Obama suggested he understood this. In a 2003 speech about gun violence he gave in Chicago, Obama noted that, “We should do more to promote marriage.” Almost immediately he was attacked from the left. An article in “Ebony” magazine suggested that the remarks were racist. MSNBC attacked him and so on. He went back to platitudes. Hillary Clinton was right about one thing. Being a single mother was difficult and a lot of single mothers work incredibly hard and they should be admired for that. But it doesn’t mean single motherhood is a good idea for society. It’s not. It’s a tragedy especially for boys and the rest of us should stop lying about that."

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