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Tucker: ‘Sh*thole’ Comment Forcing a Conversation Our Leaders Want to Avoid

‘As soon as you start defining things by ideas rather than individuals, people become irrelevant’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "They don’t have a problem dismissing entire populations. So what is the real reason for the panic you are watching right now on cable television? Maybe it’s because trump’s remarks are forcing precisely the kind of conversation our leaders don’t want to have. He didn’t do it on purpose. It was accidental but he still raised questions they would rather not answer like who exactly are we importing into our country and how are they doing once they get here? Answer, of course, well they are all valedictorians and war heroes and way more impressive and way more American than you will ever be so shut up. That’s what we’re told. That’s what we are required to believe.

"What if it’s not true? Last year the U.S. accepted 23,000 people from Haiti and 127,000 from Mexico. Immigration from El Salvador so brisk one in three el salvadorians now live in the United States has America become a better country as a result? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe we ought to talk it through. Leaders who actually cared about their people would do exactly that and, yet, our leaders just yell at us until we stop asking questions. Senator Lindsey Graham of —South Carolina released a statement today how most of Washington thinks about the subject.

"In a statement graham dismisses the idea that America should even think about what kind of people it let’s in. Quote: I have always believed that America is an idea, Graham wrote, not defined by its people but by its ideals, diversity has always been our strength, not our weakness. America is defined by its ideals. Okay. So what are those ideals? It might be useful to know considering how important they are. Well, diversity is our strength is the only one our leaders seem to agree on. The less we have in common, somehow the stronger we are.

"Is that true? We better hope it’s true because we are betting everything on it but there’s a deeper problem with what Senator Graham said. Quote: America is not defined by its people. Really? What do its people think about that? Are they pleased to learn their leaders consider them merely a commodity, a set of interchangeable parts? America’s actual people with their actual families and towns and traditions and history and customs may be surprised to learn that they are irrelevant to the success or failure of what they imagined was their country. According to Lindsey Graham, you can take our entire population and swap it out for 320 million, I don’t know, Chinese or Indians or Africans orca madians or people from New Zealand and the place would be no different so long as the idea was still there. Does anyone actually believe that? How about we test that idea starting with the U.S. Senate.

"Would South Carolina get the same representation from someone randomly selected out of the phone book? As Lindsey Graham would say the Senate isn’t defined by its people. It’s really just an idea. And as soon as you start defining things by ideas rather than individuals, people become irrelevant."

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