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Tucker: We Will Never Bow to the Mob

‘Since the day we went on the air they’ve been working hard to kill this show’


CARLSON: “For the left, it's unacceptable. It demands total conformity. Since the day we went on the air they've been working hard to kill this show. They've said much about it in public, it's seeming to referential. But now it's obvious to everybody appeared no pretending it's not happening. It is happening to going forward, we'll be covering their effort to make us be quiet but for now, two points to leave you with. First, Fox News is behind us as they have been since the very first day. Toughness is a rare quality in a TV network and we are grateful for that. Second, we've always apologize when we are wrong and will continue to do that or that's what these and people do pure they. But we will never bow to the mob. Ever. No matter what.”

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