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Turley on DeSantis’ ‘Human Trafficking’ Allegations: ‘If that Was the Case, Then Joe Biden Would Be the Biggest Coyote Ever’

‘He’s transferring thousands of people across the country, also public interest organizations transfer migrants’
By Grabien Staff


TURLEY: “I don’t see a case unless they can establish some systemic coercion or fraud. There’s really not a federal crime here. They can find individual cases that might be somehow actionable, but what the state has said is that they have expressed consent for these flights. There are rational reasons why someone would want to leave the border area, which has been — just has this influx of undocumented migrants, and go to areas that might have better employment possibilities or better levels of support. And they — what they’re arguing here is that this is an illegal transport of migrants. If that was the case, then Joe Biden would be the biggest coyote ever, right? I mean, he’s transferring thousands of people across the country. Also, public interest organizations transfer migrants. All of them are saying, is they need to, and need to establish that this is done with their consent, but there are rational reasons why migrants would want to go to New York or Chicago and away from these border areas.”

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