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Twitter’s Bizarre Oscars TV Ad Features Poet Reciting Feminist Poetry, Knocking Trump

‘This is how you create history, this is how you create a new world’
By Grabien Staff

Twitter took out an ad during the 2018 Oscars that appeared to be directed partially at President Trump.

An unnamed female poet recited verses themed around feminism, history, aliens and, apparently, the president.

Here is a transcript: 

“I heard a woman becomes herself the first time she speaks without permission.”
“Then every word out her mouth, a riot”
“Say beautiful, and point to the map of your body”
“Say brave, and wear your skin like a gown or a suit”
“Say hero, and cast yourself in the lead role”
“When a girl pronounces her own name, there is glory.”
“When a woman tells her own story, she lives forever”
“If this poem the only thing that survives me,”
“Tell them this is how I happened.”
“Tell them, I built me a throne.”
“Tell them, when we discovered life on another planet”
“It was a woman, and she built a bridge, not a border”
“I’m told this is how you create history, this is how you create a new world.”

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