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U.S. Border Patrol Chief: Assaults on Border Patrol Agents up 200% from Last Year

‘Man and women of the United States Border Patrol have the one of the toughest jobs in federal law enforcement’
By Grabien Staff

The chief of the United States Border Patrol, Mark Morgan, testified today that assaults on his agents are up 200 percent over the last year.


“Good morning. Chairman Johnson, ranking member Carper and distinguished members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to allow us to talk today about the United States Border Patrol. During my first four months of chief, I’ve had the privilege to travel to eleven sectors to meet with thousands of United States Border Patrol agents, staff and leadership from the northern, southern and coastal borders. As well as the United States Birder Patrol Academy, headquarters here in D.C., the canine training facility and our special operations group in El Paso. 

In all these interactions across the country one thing was consistent and abundantly clear, that men and women of the United States Border Patrol have one of the toughest jobs in federal law enforcement. They are the most assaulted federal law enforcement in the United States, more than 7400 border patrol agents have been assaulted since 2006. That rose in FY 16 by 20 percent and year to date, we’re seeing an increase of assaults of 200 percent from the previous year today. It’s a dangerous job.”

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