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U.S. Capitol Bomb Threat Suspect Livestreams from His Truck: ‘We’re Living in a Free Country Joe’

‘I want to go home, just like people in Afghanistan want to go home’


UNKNOWN: "It's on you, Joe. I'm ready to die for a cause. And brother, you said it. If you could do anything to save one life, one life, you said you'd do it. Well, you got a chance. I want to go home Sunday. I want to go home to see my wife. We're living in a free country, Joe. The choice is yours. If you want to shoot me and take the chance of blowing up two and a half city blocks, cause that toolbox is full, ammonium nitrate, it's full — I don't want to die, Joe, I want to go home. Just like the people in Afghanistan want to go home. Them people’s lives are on your hands, all of them people's are on your hands. Afghanistan, I'm standing for you strong, too. The motherf***ers should have bombed their asses and made sure you was alright before they left

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