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U.S. Surgeon General: What Social Media Companies Are Doing to Stop the Spread of Covid Misinformation ‘Is Not Enough’

‘My concern is that we’re not seeing nearly enough progress here’
By Grabien Staff


MURTHY: “Well, my concern, as surgeon general, has been consistent from the beginning. We saw misinformation flowing around Covid-19 from the beginning. And we raised those concerns to these companies. And I’ve spoken about my concerns about misinformation publicly numerous times over the last many months. My concern is that we’re not seeing nearly enough progress here. And that’s one of the reasons I issued this advisory. It’s not entirely about the tech companies. I issued this advisory to call the entire country to action. Technology companies have an important role, particularly when it comes to being transparent with the public about how much misinformation is floeg in their sites. Each of us has a decision that we make every time we post something on social media and I’m asking people to pause and to see is the source accurate? Is it coming from a scientifically credible authority? If it’s not or you’re not sure, don’t share.”

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