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Va. Del. Charnelle Herring: Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax Needs to Step Down

‘Victims need to be heard’
By Grabien Staff


MADDOW: “Let me just get your top-line reaction. Let’s not talk about Governor Northam for a second, let’s talk about Lieutenant Governor Fairfax today, and the evolution of these allegations against him. What is your overall assessment about these allegations and how he’s handled these allegations thus far?”

HERRING: “Right. My assessment is, you know, victims need to be heard. They are very serious allegations. And while the Lieutenant Governor is due process, the question is whether he can serve while that process is happening. I think that remaining in office is not good, it’s not good for the Commonwealth and he needs to step down, step aside because it’s just bringing harm to the Commonwealth and we have people who are still governing in our chambers, who were right and were almost finished with session, and we’re working hard and that house chamber, and this serves as a distraction and we need to get back to the task at hand.”

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