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Vaping Association’s Conley Destroys CNN’s Dr. Gupta: You’re Wrong Now Like You Were About Marijuana

‘20-plus years you were wrong about marijuana’
By Grabien Staff


CONLEY: “If you have looked at the data, you would have found Kenneth Warner, David Abrams, other respected public health advocates have posted -- published articles in journals showing not only did smoking decrease as experimentation with vaping took off, but we saw record-breaking declines teen smoking. Teen smoking would not be as low today if youth were not experimenting with vaping products. It'd b better with no youth experimented with anything. But to pretend that smoking rights would be lower --" [crosstalk] 
GUPTA: "Hang on. Hang on, Mr. Connolly. You’re saying teenage smoking rates would be even lower — they are lower because of vaping, because of e-cigarette use? You -- you're saying that that's --"
CONLEY: "Vaping products have rapidly denormalized — whether or not we approve of it, vaping products have denormalized cigarette smoking. And I’ll remind you, Mr. Gupta you were wrong about marijuana. You admitted it; 20-plus years you were wrong about marijuana and I hope there aren’t body bags on the streets because of policies like these, in 20 years, when you realize that vaping products are saving lives."
GUPTA: "Well, just going back to the kid use though, the youth use. If people use e-cigarettes who would have never done anything, they wouldn’t have done cigarettes, they would have done nothing. And then 30 percent of them go on to use combustible cigarettes, that’s according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. That’s their data. Does that not concern you?"

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