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Victor Davis Hanson: We’re No Longer a Republic, We’re Transitioning to Radical Democracy

‘What anyone wants to do on any given day, if they have power or votes, they do it’
By Grabien Staff


DAVIS HANSON: "Well, I don’t think we’re a republic anymore. I would say we're in a transition to a radical democracy, and by that I mean that what anybody wants to do on any given day, if they have power or the votes, they do it. So, we don’t respect immigration law. People in the administration want to get rid of it and make the border open, they do it. If you want to have a warrant for a particular FBI operation, you can find a judge and you do it. So what I’m getting at, Mark, is if you have an agenda and you feel you have elected power, you don’t respect any guardrails or prohibitions that constitutional republic set up to protect the abuse of power. So, on any given day, this administration can do what they want and that's how they operate. I mean, to use an ancient example, they want to kill Socrates on Monday, they do it and say it's legal.”

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