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Vindman: ‘Certainty the President Is Well Within His Right’ To Ask for Investigations

‘Certainly the president is well within his right to do that’
By Grabien Staff


SPEIER: "Some of President Trump’s allies have suggested that the president requested these investigations for official policy reasons as part of some plan to root out corruption in Ukraine. In your experience, did the official policies of the United States include asking Ukraine to specifically open investigations into the Bidens and interference by Ukraine in the 2016 election?"
VINDMAN: "Nothing that we prepared or had discussed up until that point included any of these elements."
SPEIER: "Would it ever be U.S. policy, in your experience, to ask a foreign leader to open a political investigation?"
VINDMAN: "There are proper procedures in which to do that. Certainly the president is well within his right to do that.”

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