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VP Harris Gets Snippy When Asked About Covid Tests Shortages: ‘We’re Doing It!’

Melvin: ‘Should we have done that sooner?’
By Grabien Staff


MELVIN: “The 500 million tests that have been ordered, that are going to be sent to every American, do we know when those are going out?”
HARRIS: “Shortly. They're going to go out shortly." 
MELVIN: "Next week or --" [crosstalk]
HARRIS: "They’ve been ordered. They've been ordered. We -- I have to look at the current information. I think it’s going to be by next week. But soon. Absolutely soon. And it is a matter of urgency for us.”
MELVIN: “Should we have done that sooner?”
HARRIS: “We are doing it.”
MELVIN: “But should we have done it sooner?”
HARRIS: “We are doing it.”

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