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Walmart Employee Says the Manager Shot at Co-Employees: Started Shooting Them Bro

‘As soon as I left the break room, he went in there’
By Grabien Staff


UNKNOWN: "Just left out the break room, the manager come in there, started capping people up in there, started shooting, bro. Like, I'm whole though, y'all. Sadly, though, we lost a few of our associates. I don't know how many, I'm not going to speak on it, I'm not going to show it, because I ain't like that, but I'm whole, y'all. The story is that. I mean, I came in, got down — "
UNKNOWN 2: "I was just about to go in and get some snacks."
UNKNOWN: "You ain't getting them now."
UNKNOWN 2: "F**k."
UNKNOWN: "But pretty much — pretty much, the manager came in here and started dumping. Man, as soon as I left out the break room, he went in there, man. By the grace of God, y'all. Man, I don't know, that sh*t is wild."

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