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Warren: Gov’t Takeover of Health Care ‘Covers Everyone Regardless of Immigration Status’

‘And that’s it’


UNKNOWN MALE: “... to ask you a question today about healthcare access, restrictions to a DA and Medicare meant that in 2017 approximately 6.3 million non-citizen immigrant women of reproductive age were far more likely to be uninsured than naturalized emigrants or citizen women. We know that you have included undocumented people in your plans to provide Medicare for all. So my question is why did you decide to include people regardless of immigration status and would this include obtaining subsidies like the AC — ACA’s Affordable Care Act’s affordability and subsidies? And second would you also support access to the children’s health insurance program without regard to immigration status?”
WARREN: “OK. Good. So let’s start — I’m really glad you asked this. Medicare for all, as I put this together, covers everyone regardless of immigration status. And that’s it.” (Applause)

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