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Waters on Trump: ‘He’s a Dishonorable Human Being Who Deserves To Be Impeached’

‘I started to pay attention to this president when he was running in the primary election’
By Grabien Staff


WATERS: “Yes, I saw this. Other people saw this. They kept saying, but he will become presidential. No, that’s his character. He would never become presidential. He’s a dishonorable human being who deserved to be impeached, and I wished we had done it earlier, but hank God for the whistleblower, who is a patriot, who said that he was going to share the information because Americans need to know what this president has done. So, I feel proud of the fact that I opened the discussion, that I led the discussion, that I tried to get others to join me. It took a while. But guess what? On Wednesday, December 18th, around 8:24 in the evening, we impeached the president of the United States, this dishonorable human being who did not deserve to be president in the first place."

(h/t Breitbart)

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