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‘What Has Gone Wrong?’: Kamala Harris Struggles to Answer Basic Question on Biden’s Border Crisis

‘Most people don’t want to leave home’
By Grabien Staff


HARRIS: "So, ‎I ‎believe very strongly ‎and approach ‎the work that we are doing to address ‎the root causes of irregular migration. I ‎believe very strongly most people don’t want to leave home. ‎They don’t want to leave the place where ‎they grew up, the place -- the church where ‎they worship, they don’t want to leave ‎‎their grandmother. And when people leave home it usually is ‎for one of two reasons, ‎either they are fleeing harm ‎‎or they cannot simply stay and take care ‎of the basic needs of themselves and‎ ‎their families."
REPORTER: "Mm-hmm."
HARRIS: "So I’m approaching our root causes work ‎with that spirit, understanding that in ‎particular in the countries in Central ‎America, with an emphasis on Guatemala -- I ‎ ‎was just in Honduras, El Salvador, what we must do is help address the reasons ‎ ‎people are leaving." ‎ ‎

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