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Whoopi to Chris Christie on Reopening: ‘Who Are You Going to Give up in Your Family’

Christie: ‘That’s a false choice’


GOLDBERG: "Welcome back. Former New Jersey governor and ABC News contributor Chris Christie joins the course of  Republicans who say we need to get back to work even if it means some Americans have to make the ultimate sacrifice. And he joins us now to tell us why. Welcome back, Chris Christie."
CHRISTIE: "Hi, Whoopi. How are you?"
GOLDBERG: "Good. You upset a lot of people last week for  saying the country needs to re-open because people are going to die no matter what. You compared it to lives lost during World War II calling it a sacrifice for the American way of life. So I’m asking, since you’re suggesting that I sacrifice, who are you sacrificing?"
CHRISTIE: "Whoopi, we’re all —"
GOLDBERG: "Who are you going to give up in your family?"

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