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Whoopi: Sessions Wants to Bring Back Slavery

‘Black people are not goin’ anywhere, they’re not going to be slaves anymore’
By Grabien Staff

If it's possible for the opposition to a presidential cabinet pick to jump the shark, that's precisely what happened today on "The View." Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, during a segment on Sen. Jeff Sessions' nomination to become Trump's attorney general, claimed that the senator aspires to bring back slavery.  

After co-host Paula Faris said she's remaining optimistic about Trump's cabinet picks, Goldberg shot back that there's no reason to be optimistic, and then accused the Alabama senator of wanting to remove blacks and Muslims from America.

Here's a transcript: 

GOLDBERG: "I’m an optimist, too. I’m an optimist, too. This doesn’t make me optimistic. This pisses me off. We have fought in the country. I listen to people trying to put stuff behind you. Listen. The Native Americans who were here before everybody had trouble, OK? So we tried to fix that, we tried to make it better. We tried to do stuff in this country to make it better. If you’re talking about it’s a backward move to do civil rights, what are you even running? Why don’t you just stay home if that’s how you feel. Because this is America. Black people are not goin' anywhere. They’re not going to be slaves anymore so take that out of your head. Muslims who are born here are not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere. I don’t know why you don’t get this part."

Note: The View posted a video of this segment to their YouTube channel, but later removed it. 

(H/T NewsBusters)


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