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Whoopi: ‘I Can’t’ Say Trump’s Name

‘ I know people don’t like that I don’t do it, I’m fine with that’
By Grabien Staff

Whoopi Goldberg will not say President Trump's name.

Goldberg said she believes saying "President Trump," honors him, and instead doesn't use his name at all.

The "View" host appeared Saturday on CNN's "The Axe Files," hosted by former Obama adviser, David Axelrod.

Here's a transcript of the exchange:

GOLDBERG: "There was a lot of fear. There is fear anyone in power abuses it. It's scary for the person being abused. And that's why for me until women said I'll stand with you, I'll stand next to you, and we will scream together so that you don't feel like you are out there alone, nothing was going to change. And until you made it dangerous to do. We still have so much to do right now. I mean, we still have 16 women who are accusing the man in charge."

AXELROD: "You are talking about the president?"


AXELROD: "You never say his name?"

GOLDBERG: "I don't."


GOLDBERG: "I can't."

AXELROD: "It's only one syllable."

GOLDBERG: "I know. I know."

AXELROD: "Do you think that it somehow honors him to use his name?"

GOLDBERG: "In conjunction with that word, yeah."

AXELROD: "You mean president."

GOLDBERG: "Uh-huh."

AXELROD: "I see."


AXELROD: "But you recognize that he is the president?"

GOLDBERG: "You know, he's there, you know. Listen, this is the first time where I can't wrap my mind around this, and that people felt the need to put this in. So, yeah, I know people don't like that I don't do it. I'm fine with that. There is lots of stuff I do people don't like, you know. I can live with it. But I do — you asked me earlier about Al Franken, so I think to myself, well, Al Franken has a lot of people lost, this one is still sitting there. So for me all these women's groups need to be raising money for these women's defense fund so that they can go on and do what they need to do. Because seems to be no ethics committee for him."



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