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Willie Geist Confronts Rep. Castro for Tweet Targeting Trump Donors

‘What do you say to people this morning when you say, I made a campaign donation and now I’m being harassed?’
By Grabien Staff


CASTRO: "Well, the first thing is that I don’t want anybody harassed or targeted —"
GEIST: "But they will be because you put their names in public."
CASTRO: "That was not my intention."
GEIST: "But that's what will happen."
CASTRO: "These things are public. Now, what I would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country."
GEIST: "Congressman, do you agree that in this culture — and believe me I’m making no equivalency with what Donald Trump is doing, we're on the record on this show three hours a morning, about the ads that they're putting up, about the rhetoric he uses. But if you agree that rhetoric can lead to incitement, even if it just triggers one person to do something terrible, does it give you any pause to put these names out in public?"
CASTRO: "Well, Willie, they’re already public. They're already out there."
GEIST: "There are 11 retirees and one homemaker who are not public."

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