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Willie Geist to Coons: Is It ‘Hypocritical’ of Pelosi and Schumer To Be Outraged About a Southern Barrier Now?

‘We should be trying to reach for a bigger solution’
By Grabien Staff


GEIST: "As we let you go here, I just want to button up our conversation about the wall. Democrats Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi have been indignant, they've been outraged about the very idea of a wall on the border. Nancy Pelosi calling it 'immoral' to put a wall on a southern border. But as you know in 2006 thee was a Secure Fence Act voted for by many, many Democrats. The vote was 80-19 in the Senate, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and yes, Chuck Schumer voted for that 700 miles of fence along the southern border. Are they being disingenuous, are they being hypocritical now to be suddenly outraged about the very idea of a barrier along the southern border?"
COONS: "Well, Willie, all Democrats want to vote for border security.”

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