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Witness to Melbourne Attack Says Driver Was Screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’

‘Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!’
By Grabien Staff

A witness to the attack in Melbourne, Australia, where a man drove a car into predestrians, killing four and injuring 20 more, says the driver shouted "Allah Akbar!" as he drove.

The man was interviewed by a crime reporter for the Herald Sun, Andrea Hamblin. She later reported that after posting the video to her Twitter page, she was told to remove it by the police.

"Police have asked me take down this video of man speaking to journos at scene," Hamblin wrote. "They're concerned it makes ppl believe it was a terror event."

Another Twitter user, MakAusGr8Again, created a copy of the video before it was pulled down, which is posted above. 

The reporter says another witness said the attacker shouted "fuck the homeless people." 

The attacker has been identified as 26-year-old Dimitrious Gargasoulas. The Daily Mail reports "The Melbourne resident has a history of mental health and drug-related issues and was charged with family violence offences last weekend."

"The 26-year-old offender allegedly stabbed his brother at 2am on Friday morning after reports an argument erupted between the two, according to Nine News," the Daily Mail reports. "In a press conference Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said the 26-year-old offender had become known to police following multiple incidents," but not for terrorism.

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