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Woman Angry at People Not Wearing Masks Films Her Own Meltdown

‘I am so tired of it’
By Grabien Staff


WOMAN: "So I'm f**king done with this world! I'm so tired of it! I am so f**king tired of this selfish, idiotic behavior! I have one, two, I have three f**king inhalers! Three! And I don't like to carry this f**king iron lung with me anywhere I godd*mn go, just in case that these don't work and you have the nerve to tell me that you have a doctor's note not to wear this?! If any doctor gave you that, it's because you're that f**king weak, you can't wear a piece of cloth! You're a f**king selfish b*tch! And if your husband does that to you in public, I hope you both catch COVID! I hope you both understand how serious this is! My 4-year-old needs me! My disabled husband who broke his spine in 2016 f**king needs me! I'm the only one doing anything in my house because they need me! And you're selfish trying to take me away from them!"    

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