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Yale Hosts Lecture with Psychiatrist Who Fantasizes About Murdering White People

‘You’ve mentioned that you treat a lot of white people and you treat “whiteness”’

HERZOG: “Let’s talk about your practice. You’ve mentioned that you treat a lot of white people and you treat “whiteness.” What is the distinction between the two?

KHILANANI: “I wouldn’t say there is a distinction. For example, for white women, I do help a lot with passive-aggressiveness — not being able to use their voice, say things, feeling like there will be a negative consequence. White people have an intense level of guilt. I have never seen a level of guilt that I see among white people. I mean, white people don’t eat bread. Think about that. There have been wars all over the world over grains and bread and only here, white people are depriving themselves. Think about that shit. Everyone has this gluten allergy and you’re like, what the fuck is a gluten allergy? That’s a psychosomatic symptom. If you actually talk to a GI doctor, they’re going to say, ‘Well, there’s Celiac and there’s everything else’ with a wink, and you know what the ‘everything else’ is. It’s all the guilty gluten people.”

(Via Hot Air)

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