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Yamiche Alcindor: Pretty Clear Biden’s Stay At Home Strategy Is Working for Him

‘The president is not overly concerned about poll numbers’
By Grabien Staff


ALCINDOR: “Think that’s why you see the president feeling like he had to go out on the campaign trail to reinvigorate his base and get those numbers higher up and the president is not overly concerned about poll numbers and as we saw in 2016, there are a lot of signs and a lot of people saying don’t think about these numbers too much. The spread is growing and it’s pretty clear that Joe Biden by staying at home mostly by making very select visits to places that he has a strategy that’s working for him. I was just talking to the Biden campaign this morning and they told me that they’re rushing to make an ad out of president Trump saying that he would be slowing down coronavirus testing. The White House says he was joking and he said that at a rally. So what Joe Biden’s campaign is doing is if we sit back and let president not mention George Floyd’s name if he keeps doing stuff like that we can point to President Trump or not have the gas that we know Joe Biden at times has made.”

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