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The Young Turks Contributor Hasan Piker Says America ‘Deserved 9/11’

‘America deserved 9/11, dude’

PIKER: "This is so insane. America deserved 9/11, dude. F*ck it, I'm saying it." 
[clip starts]
CRENSHAW: "We're there to partner with them. We're not there doing our own thing. We're there partnering and enhancing their capabilities —"
[clip ends]
PIKER: "In a video game."
[clip starts]
CRENSHAW: "That's part of what we're doing. The other part is just knowledge. We want to know what's happening."
[clip ends]
PIKER: "We — we f*cking totally brought it on ourselves dude. Holy sh*t. We did. We f*cking did, In a video game, whatever, hypothetically, politically, we f*cking did, man. We did. Holy sh*t. Holy f*cking sh*t. Look at the way that this f*cking dipsh*t is running his mouth, justifying genocide right now. Like, how is this — how is anything I'm saying controversial? Like, we f*cking fund the people who did 9/11 still to this day. Donald Trump literally went on national television and said, 'They buy $10 billion worth of weapons. So if they chop-chop-chop an American legal permanent resident, it's okay.'"     

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