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Young Turk’s Uygur: Biden Is Making the Same Mistakes that Hillary Did

‘Trump is doing Biden a huge favor by attacking him’
By Grabien Staff


UYGUR: “Yeah, so I agree that Trump is doing Biden a huge favor by attacking him. That makes even people like me who are Progressive to rally to Biden’s defense but overall I don’t think that he is the better candidate against Trump. He’s saying Trump is the right guy. You have to attack him for things that worked on him. Being in favor of the average American worker which he is not. He’s a normal lying sniveling politician and a Progressive can make that case because we’re for higher wages. We’re for getting health care for your families. We’re for policy positions that are actually going to help your family in Michigan and Pennsylvania. And what does Biden largely say? He does say he’s against what Trump said in Charlottesville. Of course. We’re all against that but he doesn’t attack him on policy positions or where it hurts on how weak he is and I think we need a stronger fighter to bring that message home. We don’t want to make that same mistake we did in 2016 and he is very similar to Hillary Clinton.”

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