AG Bill Barr: John Durham ‘Is Looking at the Whole Waterfront’

‘He’s looking at the issue of how it got started’
By Grabien Staff


WILLIMAS: "So what do you think what questions will John Durham address that the IG didn’t?"
BARR: “Well, Durham is looking at the whole water front. He’s looking at the issue of how it got started. He’s looking at whether or not the narrative of -- of Trump being involved in the Russian interference actually preceded July, and was in fact the precipitating trigger for the investigation. He’s also looking at the conduct of the investigation. There are some things that were done in the investigation that are not included in Horowitz’s report. And he’s looking at those things. But also a few weeks ago, I told him that he should spend just as much attention on the post-election period. And I did that because of some of the stuff that Horowitz has uncovered, which to me is inexplicable."

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