Alberta, Canada Premier: Cancelation of Keystone XL Pipeline Kills Good-Paying Jobs, Makes the U.S. Dependent on Dictatorships

‘One of the first acts of a new president was to, I think, disrespect America’s closest friend and ally, Canada’
By Grabien Staff


KENNEY: “We have the third largest oil reserves in the world. We ship about, nearly $100 billion worth of energy to the U.S. every year. Keystone XL would have been a significant safe, modern increase in that shipment. It is very — it’s very frustrating that one of the first acts of the new President was, I think, to disrespect America’s closest friend and ally, Canada. And to kill good-paying union jobs on both sides of the border and ultimately to make the United States more dependent on foreign oil imports from OPEC dictatorships. We don't understand it. And at the very least, we believe that those who've invested in this project, trusting in the regulatory process in the U.S. should be compensated by the U.S. administration."

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