Andy McCarthy: ‘If the Judge Does His Job Right Here, the Case Should Be Dismissed’

‘Here, it fails to state a crime 34 times’
By Grabien Staff


McCARTHY: "Neil, if the judge does his job right here, the case should be dismissed and actually should be dismissed quickly. I agree with what my friends have said, but I think this is actually worse than what we anticipated, because what we anticipated was that they were trying to bootstrap a misdemeanor, which, by the way, they’d have a good deal of difficulty proving if it was just a misdemeanor, but they need to show that he concealed another crime in supposedly falsifying the business records. And what we've thought up until now is that he was going to use that as an avenue to enforce federal campaign finance law. Now, maybe that’s what he’s planning to do, but he’s got to tell us what he’s planning to do, and more importantly, he’s got to tell Donald Trump. So I think this indictment, even before you get to the statute of limitations and whether he’s got jurisdiction to enforce federal law, I would dismiss it on its face because it fails to state a crime. Here, it fails to state a crime 34 times."

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