AOC Calls for the Repeal of the Hyde Amendment to ‘Allow’ Abortion Clinics in National Parks

‘We can start exploring this now’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “I will say, on a policy response, we should — we need to be working on repealing the Hyde Amendment in Congress right now. I am proud to say that we have successfully started to take the steps to repeal the Hyde Amendment. And what the Hyde Amendment — repealing the Hyde Amendment will allow the federal government to invest in access to reproductive care on — in any place that has federal jurisdiction, including places with federal jurisdiction in red states. I have brought up, for example, the prospects of increasing abortion access on federal lands in red states. There are workarounds around this. We can start exploring this now. We can start working on what the scaffolding and the details of this would look like now, and the actual deep investment would be allowed if we repealed the Hyde Amendment.”

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