Avenatti: Trump Will Be Forced to Resign Due to Info in Connection with Our Case

‘I hope he will resign’
By Grabien Staff


GOLODRYGA: "Well as you know, the president has been tweeting this morning and he said the agreement with Ms. Daniels was made to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about that affair. You currently have an anti-defamation lawsuit against the president. is this going to be added to that lawsuit, these comments?"
AVENATTI: "We haven't made a definitive decision, because this just happened but I think it’s very, very likely."
GOLODRYGA: "He saying your client is lied."
AVENATTI: "The president is digging his hole, a hole deeper and deeper with each passing day. Now we have Mr. Giuliani this morning on 'Fox & Friends' doing the same. You know, look, I hope they keep talking and I hope they keep tweeting because our case just keep getting better."
GOLODRYGA: "You said the president won't serve out his term in office. How? Is he going to resign?"
AVENATTI: "I believe that ultimately he will be forced to resign due to information that he's -- he's going to come to light in connection with our case, as well as the raids by the FBI." 

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