Bakari Sellers to Jeffrey Lord: You Cannot Whitewash Dr. King’s Legacy

‘You cannot whitewash that legacy on national TV because it’s offensive’
By Grabien Staff


SELLERS: "Dr. King did not cause a crisis. Tom Brokaw had an amazing documentary and wrote an amazing book called 'Boom 1968.' In 1968, we lost three students on the campus at South Carolina State University in the Orangeburg massacre. In 1968, April 4th, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. In 1968 we lost Robert F. Kennedy to assassination. The fact is, he did not create a crisis, the crisis was that America did not want to confront its racist past and didn’t want to cash that promissory note. And the fact is that Dr. Martin Luther King stood up for all that. And you cannot whitewash that legacy or bastardize it on national TV because it’s offensive."

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