Bari Weiss Accuses CNN of Also ‘Stopping the Conversation:’ You Call People Racist for Entertaining the Lab-Leak Theory

‘Let’s just take an example... ‘
By Grabien Staff


STELTER: "And you often say — you say allowed — "

WEISS: "Everyone's sort of knows this and — "

STELTER: " — you say we're not allowed, we're not able. Who's the people stopping the conversation? Who are they?"

WEISS: "People that work at networks, frankly, like the one I'm speaking on right now, who try and claim that, you know, it was — it was racist to investigate the lab leak theory. It was — I mean, let's just pick an example."

STELTER: "But who said that on CNN? But I'm just saying though, when you say allowed, I just think it's a provocative thing you say —you say — you say we're not allowed to talk about these things. But they're all over the Internet — " 

WEISS: "Brian, let's — "

STELTER:  " — I can Google them and I can find them everywhere. I've heard about every story you mentioned."

WEISS: "Of course."

STELTER: "So, I'm just suggesting, of course, people are allowed to cover whatever they want to cover."

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