Biden: Americans’ Health Care Is Determined by ‘Skin Color’ and ‘Zip Code’

‘White America has to admit there is still systematic racism’


BIDEN: “Folks, the fact of the matter is, the bottom line is we have a lot to root out, but most of all there's systematic racism that most of us whites do not like to acknowledge even exists. We do not even consciously knowledge it. But it has been built into every aspect of our system. Because when your schools are substandard, when your houses are undervalued, when your car insurance costs more for no apparent reason, when poverty rates for black Americans are still twice that of white Americans, when Barack says if your name is Jamal and your name is Jim and you have the same qualifications and Jim gets the job, there is something we have to admit. Not you, we. White America has to admit there is still systematic racism. And it goes almost unnoticed by so many of us. When all of that is surrounding us, is there any wonder that there is still a spirit of restlessness out there? How do we ensure that every American can live a life of dignity? How do we fulfill the promise of working people who still go to bed like my dad, who used to stare at the ceiling and think, 'God, if I get prostate cancer, or for my wife gets breast cancer, we lose everything. We lose everything.' How can we stand by, guaranteeing that every single American can get affordable health care and medications, because your health should not depend on the color of your skin or your zip code. But it does.”

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