Biden’s Brain Blanks on ‘Coronavirus’ During Rambling Answer Defending Economy

‘We’ve got to make it better’


ROKER: "But Mr. President, I'm feeling -- I'm feeling -- you know, my buck isn't going as far. What do you say to those folks about the -- the economy and what's going on?"
JOE BIDEN: "Well, I say we have the best economy in the world, we got to make it better. And we really do have the best economy in the world. Jobs are up more than they've ever been. We're in a situation where the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years was maintained. We have people who are just -- but people -- look, I think we're going to find out that what happened as a consequence of the crisis we had in health is going to have a lasting effect. And we just got to get people to move again. We're -- we're ready. I mean, I think the country is ready to come together in a way that I've never -- I mean, necessarily. I'm -- I'm truly optimistic."


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