Biden to Zelensky: ‘Today I Am Also’ Sending You Additional $225 Million

‘I assure you, the United States is going to stand with you’
By Grabien Staff


BIDEN: "And since then, including today, I’ve announced six packages of significant funding. Today I’m also signing additional packages for $225 million to help you reconstruct the — the electric grid. And — and once we got the national security bill passed, that was a political issue, we were able to get it all done. And the way you stood in holding on, holding on Kharkiv, it proved once again the people of Ukraine cannot and will never be overtaken. And I assure you, the United States is gonna stand with you. I’ve said that all through this debate and I continue to say it: the United States is standing with you. You are The Bulwark against the aggression that’s taking place. We have an obligation to be there, so I’m looking forward to having a detailed discussion with you about where we go from here. But we’re still in, completely, thoroughly. Thank you.”

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